General Overview

What is ShopRite Family?
ShopRite Family is a program that offers you, as a ShopRite customer, a way to earn rewards for you and your family. You can earn points by purchasing participating ShopRite Family items online or at your local ShopRite store. Click here for a list of participating products. Check back frequently as participating products may change throughout the promotion. Redeem your points for items from the e-Store catalog. Enjoy the savings, the great rewards for you and your family, as well as helpful content and information for you.


Can I have multiple ShopRite Family accounts?
You may have one ShopRite Family account per Price Plus club membership card number. Points will be added only to the ShopRite Family account linked to the Price Plus card used at the time of purchase.

How do I log in to participate?
Click here to visit the ShopRite Family home page. Enter your log-in and password to participate.


How can I register for ShopRite Family?
Click here to register.

I’m registered on and have a Price Plus card, am I already registered for ShopRite Family?
No, click here to register for ShopRite Family.

Are there any special rules for participation?

Yes. This promotion is open to legal residents of CT, DE, MD, NJ, NY and PA, 18 years of age or older. Click here to view Terms and Conditions for complete details.


Who can I contact to help me if I’m having trouble registering or logging into the ShopRite Family site?
Click here to visit the Contact us page for help registering or logging in. Someone will respond to your concern within five business days.


What are ShopRite Family Rewards points?
After receiving your Price Plus club card, you can use that account number to enroll in the ShopRite Family program and the points will automatically accumulate in your account each time you make a qualified purchase. ShopRite Family Rewards points are earned each time you purchase a participating ShopRite Family item at a ShopRite store or online during the collection period (07/28/2013 thru 10/26/2013). You will only earn points if you are registered for the program and use your Price Plus club card at the time of purchase. You will then earn 1 point for every 1 dollar you spend on participating products.


Which products are eligible for ShopRite Family Rewards points?
Click here for a list of participating products


How do I know how many ShopRite Family Rewards points I have in my account?
Click here to log in to your account. Once you are logged in, your points balance will automatically appear on the home page. Go to the My Account page for more details


How many points does it take to start getting rewards?
You can start redeeming rewards with as few as 150 points in the current cycle.


How long will the ShopRite Family Rewards program last?
The ShopRite Family Rewards program begins on 07/28/2013 and lasts until 10/26/2013, or as otherwise amended by Sponsor. The point collection period begins 07/28/2013 and ends 10/26/2013. The redemption period begins 08/25/2013 and ends 11//23/2013. You may redeem your points for a catalog item once you have accumulated enough points to earn that item.


When do my ShopRite Family Rewards points expire?
Your ShopRite Family Rewards points will expire on 11/23/2013, or as otherwise indicated by Sponsor.


Can I transfer my ShopRite Family points from one account to another? Or can I combine two accounts?
No. ShopRite Family points are non-transferable and may not be combined with other ShopRite Family registered accounts.


Can I convert my ShopRite Family Rewards points into cash?
No. ShopRite Family Rewards points can only be redeemed on the ShopRite Family site for rewards items. ShopRite Family Rewards points have no cash value.


How are ShopRite Family Rewards points deducted from my account?
ShopRite Family Rewards points are automatically deducted from your account each time you redeem an e-Store catalog item. At the end of the program, all unused points will expire and be deducted automatically from your account.




How do I find the e-Store catalog to use my ShopRite Family Rewards Points?
Click here to view the current list of merchandise available in the e-Store catalog. You can also click on the “Use My Points” tab at the top of the ShopRite Family home page to see items currently available. All e-Store catalog items are available while supplies last. Items and points required are subject to change at any time. You can use your ShopRite Family Rewards points on the ShopRite Family Web site. You may use your points to redeem fantastic rewards from the e-Store catalog/ Use My Points page.

How can I tell the item quantity available for each item in the e-Store catalog?
All items are available while supplies last. If an item appears in the e-Store, you may use your points to redeem that item, provided you have earned the required points needed to redeem that item. Once an item is depleted, it will no longer appear as available.  Please note: Each reward may only be redeemed in quantities of one at a time. Once a reward is selected, it cannot be selected for redemption again until the participant shops and the reward amount is discounted from their order.

What does “temporarily unavailable” mean?

Items listed as “temporarily unavailable” are items that are not currently available for redemption using your ShopRite Family points, but may be restocked. You may wait for the item to return or you may use your points on one of our other reward items.


How long are e-Store catalog items available?

E-store catalog items are available while supplies last and for the duration of the rewards period. You may use your ShopRite Family points to order an item as long as it is appearing on the e-store page. When the end of the rewards period is approaching, you will receive an e-mail notification to remind you to use your ShopRite Family points before they expire. All points must be redeemed by 11/23/2013.


  How will I receive my ShopRite Family Reward item?
Click here to learn more about how each reward will be fulfilled.


How long will it take to receive items redeemed from the e-Store catalog?
It can take approximately 6–8 weeks to receive e-Store catalog items.

Do I have to pay shipping and handling costs for items redeemed from the e-Store catalog?
No, you do not have to pay shipping and handling for items redeemed from the e-Store catalog.

Can you ship my item to a Post Office Box or APO/FPO address?
No, we cannot ship to a Post Office Box or APO/FPO addresses. You must provide a street mailing address.

Can I send ShopRite Family items redeemed to someone else or to another address?
No, your ShopRite Family reward will be sent to the address that you provided during the registration process. If this has changed, please click here to update your profile.

Can I cancel or change an item selected from the e-Store catalog once the redemption process is complete?
No, once you complete the redemption process, points are deducted from your account. Please review the details of your order carefully prior to confirming your redemption.


What if I don’t have enough ShopRite Family Rewards points to cover the redemption of an e-Store catalog item?
Visit your local ShopRite grocery store and purchase additional participating ShopRite Family items in order to earn additional points to cover the redemption of an item in the e-Store.

Can I use more ShopRite Family Rewards points than I have in my account?

No. You may only use the points that are in your account.

Can I buy an e-Store catalog item with cash?
No. You may only redeem items in the e-Store catalog by using your accumulated ShopRite Family Rewards points.

Are items redeemed from the e-Store catalog returnable or refundable?
No. All redemptions are final and items cannot be returned or exchanged. If an item is damaged at the time of delivery, you may contact us at 1.800.SHOPRITE and we will be happy to assist you.


What new ShopRite Family Rewards will be available and when?
Check back often! We add new rewards for you and your family each season.



What are browser cookies?
Browser cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer to store information. ShopRite Family uses cookies to keep track of information such as account registration, purchases and other pertinent details.

Do I need to have browser cookies turned on to participate?
Yes. If your browser is not set to accept cookies, you will not be able to participate in the promotion.

How do I turn on browser cookies?
If you are not familiar with how to enable cookies on your browser, check with the manufacturer of your particular browser or click on "Help" in the menu bar of your browser and search under "Cookies."

If I don’t have Internet access, can I still participate in ShopRite Family?
No, participation requires you to visit our Web site. You can visit your local library to use a computer with Internet access.

Is the ShopRite Family site secure?
All areas of the ShopRite Family site that deal with personal information including the registration, view profile and update profile pages use secure socket layers(SSL) connections.

What if I forget my ShopRite Family user ID or password?
Your user ID is the e-mail address you entered at registration. Click here if you forgot your password.


How do I change my account information?
Click here to update your account information.

How do I update my e-mail address?

Click here to update your e-mail address

In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Official Terms & Conditions of the ShopRite Family Rewards program and any disclosures and other statements contained in any program-related materials, including, but not limited to, the FAQs, TV, print or online advertising, the Official Terms and Conditions shall prevail, govern and control.

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